Mediview Nursing Home

Modern health care affordable for all

Mediview offers all types of surgical and medical facilities with latest state of art equipments & instruments

Personalized and caring service by the staff members

In all the departments maintaining a warm and homely ambience

Patients from far and wide avail modern treatment facilities here

Most noteworthy group of patients are from the families of various consultants who regularly patronize Mediview

Patients belonging to wide range of economic strata

Have comfortable access to this multi speciality nursing home for all types of surgical and medicine treatment

MEDIVIEW - is a Group, which views Health Care with a difference.

Providing quality care to all is the main motto. Modern medicine being ever so dynamic, MEDIVIEW is determined to keep pace with the up-to date trends in health care, which is affordable by one and all. MEDIVIEW provides highly comfortable and caring therapeutic environment, backed up by a dedicated team of Medical and Paramedical staff; and supported by authentic diagnostic facilities with the help of state-of-the-art equipment. ICCU & ITU at MEDIVIEW provide high quality services and care that are trusted by all including leading consultants of the city. Ventilators, Bipap, ABG, Temporary and Permanent Pacemaking backed up by round-the-clock Pathology, X-Ray, ECG and Operation Theatre are some of the available essential services. MEDIVIEW is comprehensively equipped for handling a wide range of critically ill patients. The difference lie in the attitude of MEDIVIEW - Always aspiring to Develop, Upgrade and Improve in the field of modern Health Care Management and thereby ensuring Quality Services.

Why Choose Us

Mediview is very well known to the patrons for it's clarity and transparency maintained at all the levels particularly in the billing.

There are 4 operation theatres manned by highly skilled and experienced technicians. Some of them are